Casino Games on Parimatch

The statistics show that the online gambling industry is on the rise, while the number of worldwide gamblers is close to 1.5 billion players – such an variety seems to be unbelievable. Parimatch invites users from around the world to enjoy one of the widest arrays of games available on the official website (official mirrors).


Types of Casino Games

Go to the website and enter the “All Games” section to get non-stop access to all games on offer from the casino. Sometimes because of the variety it is hard to make a decision which is why the website categorises all suggestions into diverse groups to simplify your choice. What kind of games can be found on Parimatchwin?

  • Card games: According to the official stats, blackjack and baccarat are among the top-5 online casino games – more than 40% of gamblers prefer these types of games. Parimatch has almost a hundred diverse card games to take part in, select the best providers, and start your quest for first prize.
  • Roulette: This game occupies second place in the ranking of gambling games’ popularity. Can you imagine a casino without a roulette? Join one of more than 40 rooms to play on of the most traditional casino games. You can experience European, Indian, Turkish, and other styles of roulette.
  • Poker games: This casino solution ends up in the top-3 gambling ranking; hence, users receive a wide array of suggested rooms to enter and there are more than 20 poker games.
  • Slots: While talking about the traditional attributes of every casino, slots are among the top priorities. Parimatch offers several hundreds of slots that are different in their topics, bets, and providers. At the same time every registered user is able to find the best slots that entirely correspond to the expectations.

The given categories of casino games are among the most popular among players, while the casino offers much more exciting opportunities of play such as lotteries, crypto games, and tournaments to win a jackpot. Take a look through the list and select the most suitable rooms, you can switch the game windows in just one click to have even more fun.

Parimatch enables users to select between two gaming modes:

  1. Real mode to place your bets and win or lose money: This mode is a perfect way to spend your free time and refill adrenalin in the body, a full game list is available for registered users.
  2. “Play for fun” mode: Players get a virtual account to enjoy a chosen game and understand how it works, this mode is available for unregistered gamers and is perfect for testing the casino functionality. Note that some games are not available for this training mode.


Providers Pokies

When a newcomer enters the gaming section for the first time, they can’t understand why the system enables players to select providers of pokies and other games. Who are providers in the gambling industry and which options are available on the Parimatch website?

The number of suggested games is huge enough, and it continues to skyrocket. The providers are responsible for this process as they develop casino games and maintain their functionality. This is why players may either choose suggestions of a certain provider or select a slot machine and other games in random mode.

The overall number of casino game providers suggested by Parimatch is more than 25. Which ones are the most popular ones?

  1. Habanero: This provider offers more than 100 exciting slot games with high-quality animation. The games list is renewed every month, as the game developer continues working on new offers for gamers.
  2. TomHorn: This provider has already released more than 70 online games with different topics related to ancient worlds, history, sports, adventures, and animals. Aside from slots, the developer offers card games and roulette to play and have fun.
  3. Booming Games: The company specialises in developing both traditional and innovative casino games while the main attention is paid to special signs and customization of projects.

Many providers have a narrow specialization. For instance, ALG offers roulette games only broadcasted in the live mode, users appreciate the atmosphere of the real casino. Kiron offers games related to sports, that means users may easily categorise all suggestions by providers to choose the best ones.

Note that some providers have geographical restrictions – for instance, Habanero blocks access for some countries.

Best Slots

What should newcomers select after completing the registration process? Sometimes, it is hard to guess the game you want to start with especially due to the variety of choice on Parimatch.


The Parimatch casino makes the process a little simpler by displaying the most popular games on the home page. As such, new players understand which online games are in trend at the current moment. The list of the most popular games contains 12 solutions, providing players with quick access. The list formation is influenced by the ranking – the more players choose a certain game the higher the chance that they will appear in the list of top suggestions.

Furthermore, Parimatch displays the 12 most popular crypto games and the “We recommend” section to attract your attention to the hot games placed on the website.

Newcomers may experience the testing mode to play some games for free. When you understand the functionality and are ready for something serious, click on the “Play” button to start your exciting adventure.

The casino remembers users’ choices; this is why you don’t need to waste time trying to remember the name of a game you’ve been recently playing. The system opens the list of recently played games in the “All Games” section.

Eventually, the system lists a wide range of slots provided by different developers, including the world’s most respected ones. Gamers may look through top solutions according to players’ or the system’s opinion or select another way of experiments and fun. The Parimatchwin website is adapted for mobile devices as well, but remember that users cannot download an app for Android or iOS – the casino hasn’t yet developed any mobile applications.